Acoustic Emission Transducers

Product Code : GDSAE

The Acoustic Emission transducers enable micro-fractures occurring within a rock specimen during testing to be recorded and analysed. Analysis of rock micro fractures can give information as to the failure mechanisms of a sample under tests well as determining the onset of failure.

 The GDSAE system can be configured either as a simple Hit Counter type system or a full fracture location / velocity tomography system. The GDSAE system may be specified as a triggered type system or a continuous acquisition system.  The triggered system yields less but more simple data to process whereas, the continuous system never misses a beat.  The system can be configured to use both types of data acquisition.

Further Information:
Key features Benefits to the user
High speed data acquisition systems:  10MHz – 50MHz with bit counts or 12-16 Bits allow for high resolution measurement.
Varied systems range: Systems range from simple counter systems through to complete systems that can locate the origin of the event within the sample.
Data Acquisition

10, 50MHz

Pressure Range (MPa)

100 in non-conducting fluid

Sample Sizes

Fits all sample sizes

Weight Approx (kg)