GDS Enterprise Level Dynamic Triaxial Testing System

Product Code : ELDYN

The GDS Enterprise Level Dynamic Triaxial Testing System (ELDYN) is an entry level dynamic triaxial system, based on an axially-stiff load frame with a beam mounted electro-mechanical actuator.

The ELDYN has been designed to fulfil the demand within the geotechnical laboratory testing industry for a lower cost, more basic dynamic triaxial testing system, yet still perform to the very advanced standards that customers expect from GDS.

Further Information:
Key features Benefits to the user
Electro-mechanical system: The ELDYN system supersedes systems using pneumatic actuators in terms of life costs and overall usable performance. Electro-mechanical systems can carry out full load dynamic testing to the stated frequency. Pneumatic systems tend to reduce the available amplitude with load due to the amount of air that needs to be moved from one side of the actuator to the other.
Cost savings, environmental benefits and safer operation: Electro-mechanical systems are more environmentally friendly as they only  draw the energy required to do the test, resulting in lower life costs. Electro-mechanical systems are also safer to run due to no high pressure air or hydraulic pipelines being required. No large noisy power packs are required to be running all the time, the ELDYN only requires a standard mains electricity outlet, this reduces the laboratory space required and the installation costs.

Highly accurate dynamic electro-mechanical actuator

Axial Displacement Encoder


Computer Interface


Load Range (kN)

5, 10

Operating Frequency (Hz)


Pressure Range (MPa)

1MPa (Air)

Sample Sizes

38, 39.1, 50, 54, 61.8, 70, 76, 100, 101, 150mm

  • Optional upgrade to user defined waveforms
  • Optional upgrade to 10Hz (from 5Hz)
  • Optional upgrade from 5kN to 10kN
  • Bender Element System (Vertical, Horizontal, S and P waves)
  • Hall Effect local Strain
  • LVDT Local Strain
  • Unsaturated Testing
  • Temperature Control
  • Optional upgrade to Resilient Modulus with the addition of the RM software module only (potentially specific range transducers may have to be purchased, depending on the RM standard). Note: the ELDYN by default is supplied with the capability of performing RM waveshapes for AASHTO, AS and AG standards.