GDS Large Automated Direct Shear System (300mm)

Product Code : GDSLADS

GDS Large Automated Direct Shear System (GDSLADS) is an electro-mechanical direct shear testing device for large samples, up to 300mm square or round. Different sample sets can be used to achieve the following types of testing in one system.

  • Standard Direct Shear up to 300x300mm.
  • Geomembrane Shear test.
  • Rock Mechanics sample set.
Further Information:
Key features Benefits to the user
Electro-mechanical actuation: Only mains electricity required (no hydraulics or pneumatics) therefore reducing the space required and providing a more accurate system.
Electro-mechanical & normal force application: No hanging weights, hydraulics or pneumatics. 
Automated data logging (multiple stage tests): Testing can run unattended over night and at weekends to increase throughput and reduce staff costs. Multiple stage tests can be preprogrammed and saved in GDSLAB.
Cylindrical or square samples can be supplied, as well as multiple sample boxes: GDSLADS has the flexibility to test different shaped samples allowing the user greater flexibility of use, along with increased throughput of tests via multiple sample boxes.
Built in loadcells (Standard 100kN, other ranges can be provided): Interchangeable loadcells allow lower range loadcells to be used for more accurate low stress testing.
Stiff construction:  To reduce equipment compliance and increase accuracy.
After setting of shear gap no further user intervention is required: Automated test control and a greater throughput of samples.

100kN Shear force actuator, 100kN Normal force actuator


1700 x 1460 x 950mm

Load Range (kN)

100 Axial, 100 shear

Sample Sizes

150x150, 200x200, 300x300mm square. 300mm round.

Weight Approx (kg)