GDS Shearbase System

Product Code : GDSSS

The GDS Shearbase System (GDSSS) is an electro-mechanical shear testing device that can be configured as either a simple shear or direct shear apparatus. The benefit of this apparatus is that the conversion between simple shear and direct shear is simple and therefore if both options are not supplied at time of build the missing option can be supplied at a later date.

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Further Information:
Key features Benefits to the user
Desktop apparatus: This desktop apparatus comes with built in controllers, resulting in a small footprint of just H x 660mm, L x 660mm, D x 220mm.
Runs from mains electricity: The GDSSS comes with an integrated power supply, meaning the only laboratory service required for the system is mains electricity (110Vac – 240Vac).
No requirements for compressed air or hanging weights: The apparatus is a fully self contained, no lifting of heavy hanging weights.
Normal (axial) and shear forces are applied using GDS electro-mechanical force actuators: The use of GDS force actuators makes the system very flexible, each axis can be controlled in displacement (strain or velocity) mode as well as load control.
Topcap fixity: Topcap fixity is assured through a system of crossed roller linear guides to minimise topcap rocking during shearing.
Sample preparation and topcap support apparatus: Simple shear sample preparation and insertion into the system is made easy by using the included sample preparation and topcap support apparatus. This ensures that no load is applied to the sample during preparation and insertion.
Closed loop feedback: Axial and shear load readings are controlled under closedloop feedback.
Fully automated: For direct shear, once the shear gap has been set, the test can complete with no further user intervention. For simple shear, once the top-cap is docked all consolidation and shearing stages can proceed with no further user intervention.
Load Range (kN)

5 (Both Axis)

Sample Sizes

50, 63.5, 66, 70, 100mm (Simple Shear). 60, 100mm square (Direct Shear)

The GDS Shearbase can be upgraded to allow the system to perform both simple and direct shear tests. This is done by swapping the pedestal and top cap for a shear box. 

Simple Shear Options:
  • 10kN Axial Upgrade.
  • Bender Elements.  

Direct Shear Options:
  • 10kN Axial Upgrade.