High Pressure Volume Controllers

Product Code : HPDPC

The GDS Advanced Pressure/Volume Controller (HPDPC) is a general-purpose water pressure source and volume change for the precise regulation and measurement of fluid pressure and volume change. The advanced version offers the highest level of accuracy, resolution and control and is the defacto standard for research devices. The high pressure version is available in pressure ranges from of 8MPa to 100MPa and a volumetric capacity of 200cm3. High pressure controllers can be used with water, oil or air.


Key features of GDS controllers Benefits to the user
Does not require a supply of compressed air to function: GDS pressure controllers do not rely on lab air supplies.
Controlled with or without a PC: The GDS pressure controllers can be controlled directly from a computer using the USB 2.0 interface and GDSLAB or with the Smart Keypad (optional for ELDPC) the controller can be configured as a completely stand-alone device.
Accurate measurement: Pressure is measured by an integral pressure transducer. Volume change is measured by counting the steps of the incremental motor.
GDS controllers automatically protect themselves from pressure and volume over-ranges: All GDS pressure controllers are self-protecting and can also be programmed to protect any attached equipment.
Controllers are an ideal back-pressure source: Allowing the measurement of change in volume of the test specimen with no requirement for a separate volume change device.
Controllers can be used with different media: The ELDPC, STDDPC and ADVDPC run using water or oil and GDS have an ADVDPC (1000cc) specifically for use with air below 2MPa.
Computer Interface


Pressure Range (MPa)

8 to 100MPa