Triaxial Cells

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GDS produce an extensive range of triaxial cells in order to satisfy the complex range of tests required by today’s modern geotechnical laboratories.

Traditional passive triaxial cells (known as passive due to the fact that they are used with an external actuator such as a load frame to apply axial loads), large diameter triaxial cells (up to 500mm sample diameter), active triaxial cells (based on Bishops and Wesley’s original hydraulic stress path apparatus and include an actuator ‘built in’), as well as cells specifically designed for dynamic triaxial testing with low friction bearings and seals are available from GDS. In addition, there are a number of features such as balanced ram triaxial cells, access ports and access rings for internal transducers that are offered.

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Triaxial Cell White Papers

Key features Benefits to the user
Pressure ranges: Large range of pressures available up to 100MPa.
Range of specimen size: Large range of standard sample sizes. Custom sample sizes are available upon request 20mm - 500mm diameters.
Optional balanced ram: Accurate testing with a Balanced Ram, see full description below.
Low pressure cell construction: Aluminium with perspex wall making it light weight and easy to handle.
High pressure cell construction: Stainless steel for long life with no corrosion.
Pressure Range (MPa)

Low Pressure (<5MPa) Passive cells; max sample size/pressure range: : 50mm/1.7MPa, 70mm/2MPa, 76mm/3.4MPa, 100mm/1.7MPa, 100mm/2MPa, 150mm/1.7MPa, 200mm/1MPa, 250mm/1MPa, 300mm/1MPa, High Pressure (>5MPa) Passive cells with balanced ram; max sample size/pressure range: : 54mm/64MPa, 100mm/64MPa, High Pressure (>5MPa) Passive cells without balanced ram; max sample size /pressure range: : 50mm/14MPa, 50mm/64MPa, 70mm/100MPa, 10mm/14MPa, 10mm/20MPa Hydraulically Actuated cells pressure max sample size /pressure range: : 50mm/2MPa, 100mm/2MPa, 50mm/10MPa

  • Access ring - allows electrical access into cell for transducers