GDS Staff and Agents visit to GEOLABS

GDS held their international agents conference in Hampshire last week. 19 agents from 15 countries visited GDS for three days of networking and product demonstrations. During the conference GDS visited GEOLABS commercial laboratory in Watford, for a tour of their laboratory and to hear a talk from Dr John Powell.

GDS have worked together with GEOLABS for a number of years and more recently have helped them expand their advanced testing capacity (Read more). Upon arriving at GEOLABS the GDS staff were taken on a personalised tour of GEOLABS laboratory,  with product demonstrations on both commercial and advanced testing apparatus. During the tour our agents were treated to some great demonstration from Chris Wallace and Phil Robinson on easy ways to understand, birfurcation and resonance. 

Following the laboratory tour, Dr John Powell gave a fantastic lecture titled "Laboratory testing is ESSENTIAL", providing an overview of how laboratory testing developed, its importance in geotechnical design and typical tests undertaken. 

The visit concluded with lunch and an opportunity to network with the GEOLABS staff. I would like to take this opportunity to thank GEOLABS for hosting GDS. It was a very enjoyable and informative day for both the staff and agents from GDS.