How to Perform an O-Ring Service on a STDDPCv2 Controller

We have produced this video for our customers who are looking to service the O-Rings of their Standard Pressure/Volume Controller v2. This video will take you through the useful steps, and guide you through the important aspects you may face when changing O-rings, including the steps in cleaning, replacing, and general servicing of the controller.

If you encounter any issues following these instructions or need repairs beyond basic servicing please contact for further advice.

To purchase your replacement O-Rings, contact the sales team:

GDS recommends proactively servicing the o-rings in your controllers every 1-2 years depending on use. This helps prevent leaks that could impact in test results or cause damage over time. Check out our new video guide to servicing our standard controllers on our YouTube channel here.  If you have any suggestions for future video guides please let us know via