Electro-mechanical Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear Confined

Product Code : EMDCSS-CON

The GDS Electro-mechanical Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear Confined (EMDCSS-CON) is the premier device for simple shear testing. It is capable of carrying out dynamic cyclic tests ranging from small strain (0.005% shear strain amplitude) to large strain (10% shear strain amplitude), as well as a large range of extremely accurate quasi-static testing. This is the ultimate choice for a no-compromise simple shear machine with the greatest range of testing capabilities.

 The EMDCSS-CON is supplied with a built in frame (as shown in the picture) allowing system components to be optimally positioned.

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Key features Benefits to the user

Confining Pressure:
Enables full effective stress control of test specimen. Saturation, b-check, shear and true drained and undrained simple shear can be performed. The EMDCSS-CON also enables simple shear to be performed in controlled unsaturated conditions.
Active height control:Allows for the more basic fixed height based constant volume tests to be performed, as per those specified in ASTM D-6528.
Shear Loadcell: Designed so shear forces are measured in front of the linear guides so that frictional errors are eliminated.

Low friction coated retaining rings:
Special low friction coated retaining rings are provided to ensure the soil specimen is laterally confined, ensuring a constant cross section (k-zero condition), when performing fixed height/volume tests.

Digitally controlled electromechanical actuators:
Electro-mechanical actuators can carry out tests up to 1mm at 5Hz, with greater accuracies than comparable pneumatic actuators. Single phase mains powered means no external noisy power pack or compressor is required, as opposed to pneumatic/hydraulic systems. Our new generation digitally controlled systems allow for even higher fidelity control with both improved resolution and maximum speed. 

High quality linear guides:
200mm bearing length cross-rollers are used for high accuracy high load capacity linear guidance that not only provides stability to ensuring minimal rotation of the topcap during shearing, but does so with minimal friction. This enables testing to be true simple shear with minimal end platen rotation no matter what load conditions are applied.

Machine stiffness and top cap fixity:
The EMDCSS-CON machine has been designed from the ground up with stiffness in mind to offer even higher levels of intrinsic stiffness and topcap fixity than our original EMDCSS. Vertical compliance has particularly been focused on, which is critical for high quality DSS testing.

Advanced Control System:
The EMDCSS-CON uses the same advanced control system as its sister machine the EMDCSS. Overhauled in late 2018, this utilises state of the art digital motor control which, allows position reading and control to 0.000015mm (0.015micron). The new ADVDCS control system also includes a sophisticated compliance model for adaptive control as the sample stiffness changes during a test.

1390mm (H) x 990mm (L) x 640mm (W)

Displacement Range

Axial = ± 25mm, Shear = ± 15mm: Accuracy = <0.1% FSO (In practice, axial range is ± 50mm to aid sample placement, however measured stroke is ± 2.5mm).

Displacement Resolution

24 bit (i.e. ± 20mm = <0.6μm, ± 15mm = ± <0.5μm, ± 2.5mm = <0.1μm)

Load Range (kN)

5 (Both Axes)

Operating Frequency (Hz)

0 (static) to 5 Hz


240V or 110V 50/60Hz 1 ph

Pressure Range (MPa)


Sample Sizes

50, 63.5, 66, 70, 100mm

Weight Approx (kg)

300kg (Includes controllers / data acquisition box)


Tests supported by the Electro-mechanical Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear Confined, shear testing equipment for soil testing :-

Standards for the Electro-mechanical Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear Confined, shear testing equipment for soil testing :-