Technical Support

We recommend entering your support request via the web based Online Support Centre as described below. If you prefer you can email requests to where they will be automatically added to the support system and then allocated to a support engineer. We aim to reply to all support cases within 72 hours of the ticket being entered.

How to Use our Support Centre

  • Firstly, use the search function to see if we have a helpsheet or video that may help answer your question without delay. 
  • If the search function cannot answer your question, please click on "Submit Support Ticket" top right of the screen to register your request.
  • Once received by GDS, you will be sent a confirmation email.

What Happens Next?

  • Firstly, your question will be categorised to the correct department.
  • Secondly, it will be assigned the most appropriate person to deal with the question.
  • Lastly, GDS will respond to all customer questions within 72hrs. 
  • A user can see the progress of any question and have access to upload any relevant documents or make necessary amendments to a query through the support centre. 

Note: Please do not email or phone staff members direct. The online support centre allows us to monitor staff workloads and ensure all questions are dealt with in a timely manner.


Key Links:

Remote PC Support: Remote PC support works by GDS providing a secure link to a customer’s pc, thereby allowing GDS to take control. Once in control GDS can help with any problems associated to software, installation, testing etc. GDS use a software provider called Team Viewer for this service. Download Team Viewer

Software Downloads: To download the latest versions of our software, Click Here

Product Helpsheets: Helpsheets are the GDS FAQ documents. They cover a multitude of hardware and software and are free to download from our Online Support Centre. Click Here to be directed.

YouTube Channel: Our YouTube channel holds both software and hardware videos aimed to give you better understanding of how the products work. You can access our You Tube Channel Here.

Returning Equipment For Repair

In accordance with UK customs, any item or items that are sent to GDS from outside the UK that are required to be returned to the customer once repaired, must be sent to GDS with the correct customs codes and paperwork. Please ensure that the shipping company (i.e. dhl, tnt etc) are aware that they will be required to raise a custom entry document (c88) which must accompany the goods. Failure to do this may mean unnecessary duty is being charged on the shipment. 

Click here to download a Returns form.