GDS Quasi Dynamic Triaxial System

Product Code : QDTAS

The GDS Quasi Dynamic Triaxial Automated System is based exclusively on the static GDSTAS triaxial system as used in commercial laboratories and research institutes. The GDS 50kN load frame has the unique capability that it can run dynamically at frequencies up to 0.1Hz inherently, when combined with a dynamic logging system instead of the static logging system supplied with a GDSTAS as standard. The system is capable of cyclic displacement and cyclic load tests up to a frequency of 0.1Hz. The Quasi Dynamic System uniquely fills a gap in the market for medium speed cyclic testing, for half the cost of a typical, full capability, dynamic system.


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Key features Benefits to the user
Up to 0.1Hz cyclic testing under displacement or load control:
Cyclic testing 30x faster than can be achieved with a standard static GDSTAS system for minimal additional cost.
Upgrade is possible from a GDSTAS
static system (so long as it is using
the v2 LF50 GDS load frame):
Dynamic testing up to 0.1Hz, can be achieved for approximately 50% of the cost
of a full dynamic system, or upgraded for 20% of the cost of a typical dynamic
Realistic liquefaction testing on
granular soils:
Liquefaction testing on free-draining soils is known to not be rate dependent,
therefore cyclic testing on these soils is possible in a standard static triaxial
system (so long as it has cyclic control that GDSLAB can provide as standard).
However, by running these tests at 0.1Hz rather than the typical one cycle every
5 minutes with a static system, a typical test 1000 cycles long that would take
3.5 days in a static system, would take less than 3 hours in the Quasi Dynamic
Cost efficient:
Half the cost of a typical dynamic system (even pneumatically controlled dynamic
systems which have been shown to generally only work up to 0.1Hz ). For users
who need to work up to 0.1Hz, this is a very economical system.
Computer Interface


Load Range (kN)


Operating Frequency (Hz)


Pressure Range (MPa)

up to 8

Sample Sizes

38 to 150

  • Bender Element System (Vertical, Horizontal, S and P waves). 
  • Hall Effect local Strain.
  • LVDT Local Strain and Unsaturated Testing.


Tests supported by the GDS Quasi Dynamic Triaxial System, static triaxial testing equipment for soil testing :-

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