GDSRCA Resonant Column Software

Product Code : sw_gdsrca

The GDSRCA software is used for control and data acquisition of the Resonant Column apparatus. Test capabilities include automation of resonance in torsion, resonance in flexure, damping by free vibration in torsion and flexure, and slow speed torsional shear (TS) tests.


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Available Tests

  • Resonance in torsion, 
  • Resonance in flexure, 
  • Damping by free vibration in torsion and flexure, 
  • Slow speed torsional shear (TS) tests.
Computer Interface

Required Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or higher (We strongly recommend that Windows is fully up to date and running the latest Service Pack/Version available). Recommended PC Specification: 2GHz processor, 4GB Ram, 64Bit Operating System and USB connectivity. Note: GDS software can run on lower spec PC’s however; performance and processing of data may be affected.


Tests supported by the GDSRCA Resonant Column Software, software for soil testing :-

Pore Water Volume Change

Soil testing involves the application of pressure (stress) and the resulting measurement of strain either by measuring displacements or volume change. GDS pressure/volume controllers can apply pressure and measure volume change, or alternatively can apply volume change and measure the resulting pressure. Essential for soil testing.  Please note: Some apparatus may require additional components or software modules to perform certain tests.

Standards for the GDSRCA Resonant Column Software, software for soil testing :-