10kN Load Frame

Product Code : GDSLF10

GDS’ 10kN laboratory load frame with standalone keypad operation and USB interface for computer control comes in three sizes, standard, wide and wide and tall. Each base has the same self-contained stepper motor driven unit that can be controlled either manually using its Smart Keypad or from a PC using the USB interface. The only difference is the width and the height of the bars to allow different testing options. 

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Key features Benefits to the user
Single connection built-in for load cell, with calibration set in firmware by the user:
No additional acquisition required to make the GDSLF10 a stand along unit capable of load control via closed loop on board control. 
Displacement measurement is built-in using measurement of motor movement (stepper motor steps):

No additional data acquisition required for displacement measurement of platen.
GDSLF10 allows for up to 2 RFM’s to be connected (Remote Feedback Module) which allows connection of up to 2 additional external transducers: Any transducer connected by RFM is automatically capable of driving the GDSLF10 platen under closed loop control. For example, a small strain axial transducer could be used to control the platen under displacement control from a transducer locally positioned on the sample or cell.
Axial Force Accuracy



Standard: 220mm, 260mm (including keypad), 656mm. Wide: 260mm, 260mm (including keypad), 668mm. Wide & Tall: 352mm, 260mm (including keypad), 956mm

Displacement Accuracy

0.2% (Can be improved to 0.1% with an external transducer connected to an RFM)

Displacement Range

Nominal 40mm

Displacement Resolution


Load Range (kN)



110 to 240 AC Volt, 50/60Hz Input, 50 Watts



Tests supported by the 10kN Load Frame, static triaxial testing equipment for soil testing :-

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