50kN Load Frame

Product Code : GDSLF50

The GDS 50kN laboratory load frame can be used via standalone keypad operation or via USB interface for computer control. This load frame has enhanced position/velocity accuracy and direct load/local position control by DigiRFM upgrade while still fulfilling the role of a traditional velocity controlled 50kN load frame.

The GDSLF50 includes a large built-in OLED graphic display that shows current speed, displacement, DigiRFM values and can be used for stand-alone programming.

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Key features Benefits to the user
Displacement control:

Traditional load frames only operate in speed/velocity control mode. All GDS load frames can also operate in displacement control mode via their keypad or software. This function is very useful in setting up or breaking down a test, and provides higher fidelity control than a velocity only frame can achieve.
Status indicators: Directional & velocity indicator LEDs show at a glance how the frame is moving.  A bright status light under the display indicates frame status and is visible from afar when indicating any error.
Safety loop:   While under computer control the USB connection status is continually monitored by the load frame.  If a break in communication is detected the load frame will stop automatically to ensure no damage to sample or transducers can occur.  This has saved many test specimens as well as test equipment when brief powercuts occur or laptop batteries have run out of charge during a test.
Digi RFM Upgrades:
Up to 2 DigiRFM units can be added to the loadframe to enhance its performance by giving high rate closed loop control within the frame.  The most typical use cases for this are:
  1. To connect a loadcell or local displacement transducer for direct control – this allows for more aggressive tracking of load/displacement.
  2. To provide a self-contained system with no other acquisition for UCS or oedometer tests where load and local displacement are logged via the frame. 
Advanced Trajectory Generator:
The version 2 load frame uses a superior trajectory generation routine.

Speed Range: 0.00001mm/min to 89.9999mm/min

Computer Interface



475mm x 360mm x 1430mm (w x d x h)

Load Range (kN)



90-240V, 50/60Hz, single phase

Sample Sizes

up to 150mm

Weight Approx (kg)


  • Digital Remote Feedback Module for closed loop control (Digi RFM).


Tests supported by the 50kN Load Frame, static triaxial testing equipment for soil testing :-

Standards for the 50kN Load Frame, static triaxial testing equipment for soil testing :-