I am extremely excited to be introducing GDSLAB v2024 to all our worldwide users. This has been a project that I have been personally involved in driving forward. I am delighted to see our hard work come to fruition and the benefits this will bring to each and everyone using our software. We have been working closely with users to understand what drives their testing needs and how we can make GDSLAB v2024 exactly what you require.

Written from the ground up and building on our 30 years of experience of developing control software at GDS, we have ensured it retains a familiar feel for all of you who have used GDS software in the past. Our brochure will highlight a host of new software features and functionality we are excited to share. 

Custom calculations and user defined test scripting is something we have longed to release for many years, and can now be used to perform exciting new tests that are outside of the limits of standards or what has been performed in laboratories before. I am pleased to announce that for the first time the software is available in multiple languages. 

The good news is we are not going to stop there. GDSLAB will continually develop with new features added bi-annually based around your feedback and needs. I firmly believe that GDSLAB v2024 is the new software standard for Geotechnical testing.