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Thurber Invest in Static & Consolidation Apparatus for their Edmonton Laboratory

Dan Zanet, Geotechnical Systems Engineer at GDS Instruments, has recently returned from Canada, where he spent a few days visiting Thurber.


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NIT Puducherry Expand Testing Capability

In March, GDS’ Geotechnical Systems Engineer Alexis Antoniou, visited the National Institute of Technology Puducherry in India to perform an upgrade on one of their existing GDS systems, and install a new system to their growing laboratory. 


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University of Cincinnati Installs High Pressure Temperature Control System

Alexis Antoniou, Geotechnical Systems Engineer at GDS Instruments, successfully completed the installation of a new high-pressure Environmental Triaxial Automated System (ETAS) at the University Of Cincinnati (UC). 


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GDS Re-visit Advanced Offshore Laboratory in Taiwan

Piotr Dera, Geotechnical Systems Team Lead at GDS Instruments, recently visited Sinotech’s offshore soil mechanics laboratory in Taiwan.

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