K0 (K-Zero) Soil Test Equipment

Kzero conditions (or specifically the coefficient of earth pressure at rest) in the context of laboratory testing are where a sample is required to be loaded whilst keeping the area of the sample a constant.  Kzero conditions are maintained in a n oedometer by design due to the radial constraint, however in an oedometer the radial stress cannot be measured therefore the K-zero condition is not measureable.  A Kzero test in a triaxial cell allows Kzero conditions to be applied and measured. The Kzero module allows you to run two tests. 

  • Test 1: Kzero using ramp RADIAL STRESS with direct radial transducer measurement: Uses a direct reading of the specimen diameter to enable the test control to maintain zero diameter change.
  • Test 2: Kzero using ramp RADIAL STRESS with back volume change measurement: Uses the change in volume of the specimen to calculate a theoretical new specimen height thus ensuring the diameter change remains zero.

Please note: Some apparatus may require additional components or software modules to perform certain tests.

The following soil test equipment can perform the K0 (K-Zero) soil test:-