GDSLAB Reports

Product Code : GDSLAB Reports

GDSLAB REPORTS is a program to produce results from data obtained by GDSLAB to National Standards, BS 1377:1990.

This program can be used to present data whether saved in a GDSLAB data file or input by hand. GDSLAB Reports can as be used with other manufacturer’s dataloggers as well as any logger ever made by GDS.

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  • Compatible with many other manufacturers data loggers (See link)
  • Compatible with any logger ever made by GDS,
  • Windows user interface with power of Microsoft Excel.
  • The GDSLAB REPORTS user interface is designed to manage your test data files as well as provide a means for essential user input procedures such as locating t90.
  • The template spreadsheet can be customised to a specific company format as required.
Computer Interface

Required Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or higher (We strongly recommend that Windows is fully up to date and running the latest Service Pack/Version available). Recommended PC Specification: 2GHz processor, 4GB Ram, 64Bit Operating System and USB connectivity. Note: GDS software can run on lower spec PC’s however; performance and processing of data may be affected.


Tests supported by the GDSLAB Reports, software for soil testing :-

Standards for the GDSLAB Reports, software for soil testing :-