GDS has been at the forefront of research testing systems since it started producing the automated stress path systems back in 1979. The simple nature of use of the pressure/volume controllers, and the fact that a complete stress path system can be used on a bench top without the need for compressed air, provides a quiet, stand alone system that is ideal for teaching students repeatable testing.

The flexible nature of the GDS systems also means that each system can easily be upgraded with appropriate transducers and software where necessary to provide a system that is capable of being used for post graduate research. “Back in 1996 when I was doing my MSc in geotechnical engineering, we performed a number of triaxial tests as part of our labs which included a stress path test and a K0 test.  I specifically remember the system was using some very old GDS pressure controllers that the University had obviously been using for many years.  Sometimes we ran tests with the assistance of software, sometimes we ran tests manually (where it was considered important that we fully understood the methods and should not allow the software to do the work for us!).  These controllers were used at the University of Surrey for research, undergraduate teaching and for MSc labs.”  Karl Snelling, MD of GDS Instruments.
A few systems that would be considered ideal for undergraduate teaching are as follows:-