New High Speed Digital Control and Acquisition System

Over the last four years GDS has been developing state-of-the-art Adaptive Control technologies that provide high-performance, high-accuracy dynamic control with unparalleled precision. The ADVDCS V2 is the direct result of this research and contains machine learning algorithms that adapt in real-time to dynamic changes in sample compliance thereby delivering excellent control over the full machine performance envelope.

The ADVDCS V2 is a modern high speed digital control and acquisition system developed specifically for geotechnical testing. The ADVDCS V2 has been fully designed and developed by GDS’ in-house research and development team which includes experts and PhDs from multiple disciplines such as geotechnical engineering, electronics, firmware, software and control theory.

The ADVDCS V2 is based around a modern, high speed, 32 bit processing core and has eight simultaneous sampling 24 bit universal analogue input channels, enabling any transducer in the GDS range to be connected. High speed digital bus technology allows real-time streaming of transducer data making it ideal for high speed data acquisition. The ADVDCS V2 supports full digital control of servo motor and hydraulic actuators allowing accurate, precise and noise free control of actuators.  The ADVDCS v2 is supplied with GDS' 

An overview of the ADVDCS V2 specification can be seen below. 

  • 8 analogue channels with digitally switchable gain ranges.
  • High resolution (24 bit) data acquisition and signal conditioning.
  • 5 kHz data acquisition rate.
  • Linear, polynomial and custom transducer calibration.
  • Up to 32 virtual transducers (e.g. strain, compliance, calculated values).

  • 1 kHz 32-bit floating point control loop.
  • Adaptive load and stress control.
  • Ramp, sinusoidal and custom waveforms.
  • CANbus 1 Mbit/s digital interface for 1 kHz data acquisition rate from the actuators.
  • Real time specimen compliance estimation.

Display and Monitoring
  • High resolution real time graphs.

Multi-box capabilities
  • Up to 4 devices can be connected together for synchronised control and acquisition.