Fugro Purchase Custom-Built Rock Testing System

Mike Bulley, GDS Head of Systems Support, recently installed a custom-built 1MN Load Frame with a 64 MPa Triaxial Cell at Fugro Geoservices in Consett, Durham, U.K.

This system has been setup specifically for 50mm rock samples. The equipment has been bought to expand on the types of testing Fugro are able to offer when tendering for projects. Fugro Geoservices is planning on expanding this system further, with an upgrade of Acoustic Velocity in the coming months.

About Fugro:

Fugro is a large multi-national company with offices and laboratories all over the world, analysing and reporting on valuable geo-data. GDS has been working with Fugro for over 18 years and have supplied numerous laboratories during this time. We look forward to seeing how their custom-built system aids their testing in the years to come.

Products Featured:

1MN Load Frame

Triaxial Cell

Acoustic Velocity