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NIT Puducherry Expand Testing Capability

In March, GDS’ Geotechnical Systems Engineer Alexis Antoniou, visited the National Institute of Technology Puducherry in India to perform an upgrade on one of their existing GDS systems, and install a new system to their growing laboratory. 


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Liberty University Expands Geotechnical Research Laboratory

Last month Mike Bulley, Head of Systems Support at GDS Instruments, visited Liberty University in Virginia to install a Triaxial Automated System (GDSTAS) with HKUST unsaturated upgrade. 


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Universidad de Lima Takes Delivery of Advanced Dynamic 100kN Load Frame

The Universidad de Lima recently received an advanced 100kN dynamic load frame from GDS Instruments. The system was upgraded to perform resilient modulus testing, which enables the resilient modulus and permanent deformation of unbound base/sub-base pavement materials to be determined. 


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Swedish National Road & Transport Research Institute (VTI) Investigate Subgrade Deformation

As part of a project funded by the Swedish Transport Administration to investigate subgrade deformation, a dynamic triaxial apparatus with suction control was identified as a key element to assist in fulfilling the project goals, which seeks to better understand fine-grained subgrade compliance of Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) traffic.


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The University of Split Research Projects Gather Momentum

In 2017 a delegation from the University of Split visited GDS’s offices in the UK, whilst considering apparatus for their research project on the behaviour of soft rocks and soil.


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7th International Conference on Unsaturated Soils (UNSAT2018)

GDS exhibited alongside their Chinese agents Earth Products China (EPC) at the recent UNSAT2018 conference in Hong Kong. The event was hosted by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, with whom GDS developed their inner cell volume measurement method for unsaturated testing with.


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Case Study: Unsaturated Triaxial Automated Testing

The quantity of land affected in the extraction of lignite in opencast mines is vast. Former mining activities leave behind numerous mine voids, which will mostly remain as artificial lakes. Overburden dumps are stretched over large areas. These areas present themselves as often uninhabitable and difficult areas for construction without further site investigation and understanding mostly remain as artificial lakes from rising groundwater and flooding.


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