NIT Puducherry Expand Testing Capability

In March, GDS’ Geotechnical Systems Engineer Alexis Antoniou, visited the National Institute of Technology Puducherry in India to perform an upgrade on one of their existing GDS systems, and install a new system to their growing laboratory.

Their existing GDS Triaxial Automated System (GDSTAS) was upgraded for unsaturated testing, with the HKUST (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) inner cell. This is being used for many student projects, including testing to find the soil water characteristic curves on locally sourced material and testing their unsaturated shear strength.

Alongside the GDSTAS upgrade, they have had a successful installation of a Resilient Modulus Testing System (RMTS). The RMTS will utilise the ELDYN part of the system to perform triaxial tests, statically and dynamically, and will then be used to perform resilient modulus testing on road and pavement material.

About NIT Puducherry:

National Institute of Technology Puducherry (NITPY), nestled in the scenes of Karaikal, a coastal enclave in the basin of river Kaveri is one among the ten new NITs in the Union Territory of Puducherry.” The University provides a range of engineering degrees, from Bachelors to PhDs, and we look forward to hearing more about their research in the future.